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1) More than 1.5millin patients patients have received the ZOOM teeth     whitening system world wide.

2) Zoom whitening system is simple and fast. All you need is and hour a day
    for a beautiful, bright smile. (15min./operation, 3times of operation needed-    total of 45main.)

3) Zoom is the newest system developed by Discus Dental company, a global leading company of     teeth whitening.

4) Zoom system has been proved to be a safe and effective way of whitening through clinical     demonstrations. Also it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

5) With the patneted Relief ACP,ZOOM specializes in tooth sensitivity reduciton, enamel reconstruction     and polishing, cavity prevention, and maintaining the beautiful bight teeth.

Sometimes black pigmentations appear on the gum due to melanin pigment. These pigmentations can be removed successfully through mechanical or chemical methods.

Ceramic veneer crowns are the latest prosthetic technique for transforming decayed , broken, or discolored front teeth. We don't use any metals for strengthening,in the way of traditional porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, so we can make natural transparent crowns.


Missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants. Our dental implant fixtures are made of pure titanium, to which the human body does not react with rejection symptoms. This treatment also means we don't need to drill down adjacent healthy teeth for the bridge prosthesis.
Such dental implants are strong and have natural shape and color.


After root canal treatment of a tooth, a crown restoration is needed because root canal treated tooth may break down easily. We use the porcelain-fused-to-gold crown on a root canal treated tooth or on a tooth that has a large decayed cavity. Porcelain-fused-to-gold crowns are strong and esthetic.

If you are worried about spaces between two front teeth, porcelain laminate veneer is the solution. Because the veneer is very fine (0.3~0.5 mm thickness only), the tooth structure can be saved and the esthetic result will be perfectly natural.


The esthetic gum line is parallel to the lip line when we smile. We can modify the gum height if it is unusually asymmetric, or if you have too high smile line. Your smile can be improved.

Periodontal tissue consists of gum and tooth-supporting bone, essential to support healthy teeth. When periodontal tissues are inflamed, the gum may swell and the teeth can be loose. We can use the scaling and root planing, subgingival curettage, or periodontal flap surgery to remove inflammations from the periodontal tissue to restore gum health.

In preparation for implant surgery, we can use maxillary sinus graft and/or alveolar bone reconstruction first, if the remaining bone is not enough to insert implant fixtures. Several months could be required for this treatment, allowing time for the new bone to be formed.
If we insert implant fixture simultaneously with tooth extraction, bone graft would be necessary.

Careful management of children's teeth is essential for their entire health. Front teeth affect the learning of correct pronunciation and back teeth affect nutrition. If there are flaws in the dentition or on the growth of the jaw bones, orthodontic treatment should be offered. Perfect body health management helps to maintain the good mental health in childhood.